L.A.P. PELLETTERIA: Premium Leather Quality Goods since 1973

Established in 1973, L.A.P Pelletteria is a leather company renowned for the crafting of leather goods. Based in Serramazzoni under the province of Modena, it enjoys strong collaborations with important companies both nationally and internationally.

Founded by Amedeo Ranuzzi and his wife, the company started as a leatherworking laboratory specializing in belts. Over time, the small enterprise has expanded the production to a whole new range of leather products, thus offering clients a wider

choice of small leather goods.

Twenty years later, with the arrival into the company of the founders’ sons, L.A.P. Pelletteria has taken a step further, expanding its artisanal production to an international level.

Today, the once small leather company can support partnerships with big brands, providing them top Quality products, full transparency and a complete confidentiality policy.

Full service, from A to Z

Our company has always ensured the maximum level of professionality. Our main goal has always been to provide a quality and complete service that requires attention to detail and materials.

Thanks to the expertise achieved and refined throughout the years, we are able to manage the complete production chain into the making of a leather product.

Starting from the R&D (research and development) to the production management, leading to packaging and national, international shipping.


Our artisans are qualified to take care of every product with the greatest attention in each phase of the realization.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail

We can guarantee products with high-quality standards as we operate following traditional artisans’ techniques and selecting the best reptile leathers, such as alligators skin, crocodile, python, and lizard skins.

What distinguishes our products is the craftsmanship and the attention put into finishing and detail.

To find out more info and to discover our products contact us now or visit Lineapelle in Milan, the most important exhibition dedicated to leather, where we are present with our exclusive line of products.